Public Relations

for tech startups
& consumer companies

Relentless Promotion

We are the most persistent of PR pros.

When you have a story to tell, we get our teeth into it and keep pushing the news to the right media at the right time to gain you the most appropriate exposure.

Personal Attention

Get first-class, experienced, professional counsel and attention.

Hot Tomato will always provide the most senior level attention; our team all has many years of experience. No passing off to coordinators

Message Development

Before we tell your story, we help you create the right messages.

What resonates with the media? What are the core differentiators? How can you tie your technology or solution into stories the journalists are thinking about?

Follow Through

That’s the key.

Once you get some momentum, we keep up the volume, determining new story angles and fresh ideas that will maintain the media’s attention.

Clients love Hot Tomato

  • “definitely recommend”

    We wanted to use PR to get our awareness up and create a position as the global thought leader within Snapchat for brands. It would simply not have been possible without the help from Erica and the team behind Hot Tomato.
    They managed to get us coverage in Venture Beat and Marketing Land to mention a few of the hundred news mentions over the period (and not counting all the blog and social media mentions). I can definitely recommend collaborating with Erica and Hot Tomato around your positioning.

    Thomas Cilius, CEO, Snaplytics
  • “extremely effective”

    Erica is extremely nice and caring, hyper productive, and a volcano of ideas and extremely effective.
    We have been able to attain world recognition thanks to articles appeared in all the major US media outlets.

    Luca Escoffier, Campaign Strategic Adviser, GlassUp