Snapchat analytics

Snaplytics is a Snapchat analytics company. Hot Tomato is introducing the Danish company to the US and the European markets, launching their new features and solutions for marketing and advertising media as well as business and general tech readers.

investment advisory

Launched the IRA investment advisory service and continues momentum with articles in AP, Chicago Tribune, Reuters, MarketWatch, CNBC and more.

cloud storage device

We promoted the Pogoplug consumer tech device and its new Pogoplug cloud solution. Stories appeared in top tier outlets such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, ABC TV, CBS radio Bloomberg, LA Times, PC World and many more.

social media analytics

For this advanced Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr analytics company, Hot Tomato achieved placements in Adweek, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Forbes, Upstart Business Journal and Website Magazine among others.

DIY investment

Hot Tomato launched this DIY investment business and has worked with the company for years. MarketRiders has received exposure in dozens of top tier business and consumer press including the New York Times, USA Today, Associated Press, Reuters, MarketWatch, CBS MoneyWatch, Money Magazine, AARP and many more.

mobile POS

We launched this start-up which has the only all-in-one mobile POS solution for smartphones and tablets. The device works for chip and pin cards. JUSP coverage appeared in tech blogs and payments and mobile publications.

smart glasses

We introduced this Google Glass competitor’s IndieGoGo campaign and hit a nerve with the media, achieving over 70 articles worldwide.


We launched this great-looking, Italian smartphone Breathalyzer company to the consumer, tech and business press in the US.

touchless gesturing

Launched this Norwegian company with its touchless gesturing technology using ultrasound and followed that with ongoing exposure in all the major tech blogs, trade press and business media.

car repair info

We promoted this online car repair information service to the consumer print, online and broadcast media. Television stories appeared in cities around the country. Articles also appeared in BusinessInsider, CNET, Redbook,, MSN Money and many others.

crowdsourced weather forecasting

We re-introduced the crowdsourced weather forecasting app Weathermob and achieved exposure in TechCrunch, ZDNet, VentureBeat, Mashable and many review sites.

tech toy

Hot Tomato launched this tech toy company with its amazing Galaxy ZEGA game for the holidays in 2016. Reviewers love the game and with some great reviews and product stories, the game is positioned to be a top new toy for the season.

tech market research

Argus Insights is a one-of-a-kind market research firm which uses consumer reviews and social comments to assess how companies IoT and smart home products are being accepted in the market. Since starting to work with the company, Argus Insights publishes one report monthly with fresh data on a range of relevant topics. Media interest is extremely high with coverage appearing in dozens of top business and tech trade outlets with hundreds of articles over the past year.

smart spoon

GYENNO creates a smart spoon that counteracts the tremors of Parkinson’s and other conditions. They also have a smart cup and smartwatch. We introduced this Chinese company at CES 2016. Coverage appeared in MobiHealthNews, PSFK, iDigital Times, Motherboard, TechCrunch, Tom’s Hardware, Daily Mail and more.

space-age jacket

We worked on two extremely successful Kickstarter campaigns for this space-age jacket. Using a NASA-developed aerogel lining, the jacket proved very popular – raising more than $350,000 on its crowdfunding campaign. Coverage appeared in Popular Science, Tech Insider, Digital Trends, Observer, Gizmodo and more.

fertility wearable

We introduced this in-ear wearable’s Indiegogo campaign. YONO determines a woman’s temperature and fertility. The product gained media attention in such outlets as Cult of Mac, Cool Mom Tech, Cool Wearable, The Next Web, Digital Trends and Good Morning America (National TV broadcast).

ride & care service

We announced this ride and care service for kids to the Bay Area and the country. The company provides highly screened childcare provider/drivers for kids 5-15. Where competitor Shuddle failed, Zum took over. Their story appeared in New York Times, Tech Insider, Fast Company, Mashable, SilconBeat, and more.


Hot Tomato Marketing launched the suitX award-winning Pheonix exoskeleton that helps disabled people walk again. Articles appeared in MIT Review, Popular Mechanics, Discovery News, Digital Trends, EnGadget and healthline, while video coverage appeared on BBC, CNET, Business Insider and TV stations around the country.

wine curation

We launched this app for anyone who wants to find and buy new and favorite wines, gaining exposure in Mashable, TechCrunch, USA Today, Cult of Mac, Tech Hive, FastCompany and many more.

VR camera

We launched Lucid VR’s 180-degree virtual reality camera for the masses with a fully-funded Indiegogo campaign.

Stand-out reviews appeared in Washington Post, TechCrunch, Tom’s Hardware, VentureBeat, PC Magazine, Road to VR and more.