• GlassUp

    Erica is extremely nice and caring, hyper productive, and a volcano of ideas and extremely effective.
    We have been able to attain world recognition thanks to articles appeared in all the major US media outlets.

    Luca Escoffier, Campaign Strategic Adviser, GlassUp
  • OROS

    Erica has conducted PR for OROS since our early days. From her go-getter attitude to her ability to attract top level journalists, she has been an incredible asset in OROS’ journey and a major contributor to our growth.

    Michael Markesbery, co-founder, OROS
  • Lucid VR

    Erica is the best PR person I ever worked with!
    Her passion to make things happen extended our team’s reach 1000 fold.
    Even during the roughest times she stays calm, takes the feedback and over delivers on her goals. She never disappoints but drives results home without sacrificing the fun part of work.
    Erica always comes up with creative ideas and new ways to make PR a weapon for any startup.

    Han Jin, CEO and cofounder, Lucid VR
  • Argus Insights

    Erica is a dynamo. We had been doing our own PR for months, believing the hype from press release publishers that all it took was paying their monthly fee and magic would happen. From the beginning her curiosity, tenacity and dedication shone like a beacon in the sea of vendors competing for attention. In a short amount of time she not only helped make our message more digestible but also sparked more interest from one release than we had received for the past year. Simply put, Erica and her team have put Argus Insights on the map.

    John Feland, Principal, Argus Insights
  • YONO Health

    Erica was very professional in helping YONO with PR work before and during our Kickstarter campaign. Not only did she help us get a great PR release article which got the attention of many media outlets, she went out of her way to make sure all of our marketing communication material was well written and effectively delivered. I think working with Hot tomato was a great decision.

    Vanessa Xi, Founder/CEO, YONO Health Inc.
  • Drync

    I had the pleasure of working with Erica and Richard Tso on several projects and was repeatedly impressed with their results. I would absolutely, 100% recommend them to other companies, particularly startups. These guys get it, work hard and deliver time and again.

    Aimee Cronin, VP of Partnerships, Drync
  • Snaplytics

    We wanted to use PR to get our awareness up and create a position as the global thought leader within Snapchat for brands. It would simply not have been possible without the help from Erica and the team behind Hot Tomato.
    They managed to get us coverage in Venture Beat and Marketing Land to mention a few of the hundred news mentions over the period (and not counting all the blog and social media mentions). I can definitely recommend collaborating with Erica and Hot Tomato around your positioning.

    Thomas Cilius, CEO, Snaplytics